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Want a fun and exciting way to get fit and learn a skill at the same time?

At Karate Byford you will learn how to get fit, live a healthy lifestyle and defend yourself in a fun environment and unlike the gym, if you can’t make it to class, you can easily practice at home in the living room, no equipment required.

Adults classes run 3 times a week and include fitness, self defence, traditional karate techniques and self discipline. 

  • We aim to teach  students how to protect themselves and more importantly how to avoid dangerous situations.

  • The class is both fun and informative for all students   

  • Students are allowed to travel at their own pace, their confidence in performing the movements of kata and drills will increase over time.

  • While students are always encouraged, they will never be pressured to advance. 

Source: Vilmos Vincze, Flickr. Some rights reserved. (license)